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As the great Bill Paxton said in Edge Of Tomorrow, “we’re T-Minus Haul Ass” when it comes to Election Day. If you don’t have a plan to vote, now is the time to make one.

If you can vote early by going to your town or city hall, do it. If you already have your ballot, be sure to drop it into an authorized drop box because we’re past the point it’ll arrive on time in the mail. If there’s no early voting where you live, start figuring out how things will work if you have to wait in a long line on November 3rd. Are you going with friends so you can rotate to the bathroom or to grab coffee/food? Do you know the laws regarding what happens if you’re in line when the polls close?

Luckily, Maine has early voting and I’m planning to stop by town hall today.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is disinformation between now and Election Day. This is an interesting article regarding what we’re looking at and is about a 5-minute read with linked sources for further reading. However, the crux is in the final paragraph:

The best thing that voters can do is understand that they will be targeted by disinformation, take the necessary steps to verify information, and read skeptically so that they do not fall for and spread Election Day misinformation.

Article from Barron’s by Lisa Kaplan and Cindy Otis

Make a plan and make sure your voice is heard.