An idea so absurd that it needed to become a book.

These are poems that were inspired by people’s last words. Taking chunks of language uttered before departing this world and transforming them into something else entirely.

Far from being a meditation on death, it’s a celebration of life.

Okay Okay Okay | poetry by Todd Regoulinsky



I am a writer that’s spent the better part of my life scribbling into notebooks, journals, and selected walls whatever words happen to come into my head and string themselves together. I’ve published two collections of poetry and been published online and in literary journals. Want to know more? Check out my bio.


Posting can be somewhat sporadic, given whatever kind of scheduling duress that I happen to be under at the time, but enjoy anyways!

  • Be Quiet And Do The Work

    I’ve been reading through this relatively new GQ article/interview with filmmaker Martin Scorsese and came across a few sentences that hit me right between the eyes. “I always liked being nominated at the Academy, even though knowing – especially the fact that they didn’t nominate us for Taxi Driver” – the film was nominated, as were…

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  • word wednesday |

    Word Wednesday – close call

    I’ve been going back through my current journal, getting digital copies of poems that I’ve written over the last few months and came across this one from early June. It’s an interesting thing coming across a poem with some vague recollection of writing it, but not being able to nail down exactly what you were…

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  • Overwhelm, Wants, & Needs

    “The Less I needed, the better I felt.” Charles Bukowski Whenever I get lost in my writing or the practice of writing, I have a couple of touchstones that I go back to. One of them is Love Is A Dog From Hell – the first book of Bukowski’s poetry that I read. So it…

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  • Word Wednesday – candles & caskets

    This one comes from earlier this year and is as yet unedited. Why? Because life has been rather busy as of late with various bumps, u-turns, and recalculation of paths. So why sweat a poem being sent out into the world a little more unprepared than usual? I’m sure it’ll find its way somehow. candles…

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