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  • Enumeration


    For the record, I’d like to get two things out of the way. First, all votes should be counted. I don’t think much elaboration is necessary on this because that’s how an election is supposed to work. People cast their ballot, the ballots are counted, and then a winner is determined. Pretty simple stuff. Second,…

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  • Fear Is The Mind Killer

    Fear Is The Mind Killer

    If nothing else, Hunter S. Thompson would feel right at home on Election Day 2020 – because there’s plenty of fear and loathing being peddled out in the world. Personally, fear drives me inward – like I’m huddling against the cold. All of my thoughts turn back towards me and I tend to live inside…

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  • Today’s Post Is Simple: Vote

    Today’s Post Is Simple: Vote

    As the great Bill Paxton said in Edge Of Tomorrow, “we’re T-Minus Haul Ass” when it comes to Election Day. If you don’t have a plan to vote, now is the time to make one. If you can vote early by going to your town or city hall, do it. If you already have your…

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  • Beware The Blank Canvas

    Beware The Blank Canvas

    Election time is a complete fiasco. Can we all at least agree on that? It’d be nice to start on some kind of a point we can all nod along to before getting to the really divisive stuff… All right, I’m kidding a bit about the divisive stuff. At this point, I’m not trying to…

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