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  • Be Quiet And Do The Work

    Be Quiet And Do The Work

    I’ve been reading through this relatively new GQ article/interview with filmmaker Martin Scorsese and came across a few sentences that hit me right between the eyes. “I always liked being nominated at the Academy, even though knowing – especially the fact that they didn’t nominate us for Taxi Driver” – the film was nominated, as were…

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  • Overwhelm, Wants, & Needs

    Overwhelm, Wants, & Needs

    “The Less I needed, the better I felt.” Charles Bukowski Whenever I get lost in my writing or the practice of writing, I have a couple of touchstones that I go back to. One of them is Love Is A Dog From Hell – the first book of Bukowski’s poetry that I read. So it…

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  • Word Wednesday – candles & caskets

    Word Wednesday – candles & caskets

    This one comes from earlier this year and is as yet unedited. Why? Because life has been rather busy as of late with various bumps, u-turns, and recalculation of paths. So why sweat a poem being sent out into the world a little more unprepared than usual? I’m sure it’ll find its way somehow. candles…

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  • Word Wednesday – strike on box

    Word Wednesday – strike on box

    Ordinary things can some times inspire not-so-ordinary things. I came across this one from earlier this year while archiving poems from my handwritten journal into digital form. At some point in the last year or so, we inherited a whole bunch of old school matches. Obviously, this worked its way into my brain on some…

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