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Month: October 2020

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Today’s Post Is Simple: Vote

As the great Bill Paxton said in Edge Of Tomorrow, “we’re T-Minus Haul Ass” when it comes to Election Day. If you don’t have a plan to vote, now is the time to make one. If you can vote early […]

beware the blank canvas |

Beware The Blank Canvas

Election time is a complete fiasco. Can we all at least agree on that? It’d be nice to start on some kind of a point we can all nod along to before getting to the really divisive stuff… All right, […]

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Feeling Fantastic This Morning

When it comes to reinventing the blues while not losing one ounce of where it all came from, I don’t think there’s anyone else doing it better than Fantastic Negrito (@MusicNegrito). Without apology or exception, he keeps pushing expectations and […]

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Getting Stuff Done… Slowly

If you’ve wandered around this here blog for a little while, you’ll notice that I’m a fan of lists. Maybe a bit more than I should be. For whatever reason, the old-fashioned to-do list has become my go-to method of […]