I miss making music with other people.

When I decided to step away from my last band, Tumbledown Saints, there was the consolation that it wouldn’t be the end of playing music. At the time, I as playing almost every week at church, so that lessened the sting. As much as I enjoyed playing blues with John, Dave, Jeff, and Marc, there was a degree of peace in the decision.

Now, as we hurtle through week ten of lockdown here in Maine, I’m really missing it.

Even playing in clubs and bars, it was never about the applause or the size of the crowd, although having more people and more energy in the room was always a plus. It certainly wasn’t about the money, since most years I was lucky to break even. It most certainly wasn’t about the fame because… well, have you seen my face on a billboard anywhere ever?

I’m what you might call a collaboration junkie. Working with other people towards a common goal, especially a musical one, has always been appealing to me. During high school and college, my grades were always higher during the Fall. I’m convinced it’s because marching band season would perk up some extra brain cells and get the synapses firing quicker, and the uptick in my studies was a byproduct.

Now, it’s uncertain when live music will really be back. Sure, there’s bands putting together online videos and still making music the best they can under the circumstances – but when do the packed rooms return? When will musicians be able to look across the stage and grin at each other as if to say…

Can you believe we’re lucky enough to be doing this?