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I’ve had a blog a lot longer than my post history here would indicate.

Actually, I’ve had blogs (plural) a lot longer than you’d know from looking at this website. Whether it was a few swings at my personal domain (which I then foolishly wiped clean for the mirage of a “fresh start”) or the couple of sports blogs I ran years ago – the take away here is that I’ve been jabbering and tapping away on the interwebs for awhile.

In one of his recent posts, Austin Kleon gives a great explanation that also inspires about why he’s been blogging for 15 years now and plans to continue. I suppose my reasons are closer to his now than they have been in the past.

A couple times, I mused on the idea of being a “professional blogger” – daydreamed about it a fair amount, in fact. The idea of spending my days formulating opinions and then sending them out into the ether for a paycheck was an appealing notion. It didn’t really work out too well, I’ve lost a lot of my previous interest in sports, and there you have it.

This doesn’t get said enough in this culture: You should do things because you like them, because they’re satisfying.

Austin Kleon

Now, I feel like I’m writing to figure myself out along with the world around me… and showing the work.

This blog is more about me having some sort of challenge each day – what am I going to write about? Some days, I wind up with something that seems to resonate with people. Some days, it’s just a thing that I’m interested in. So be it.

But isn’t that creativity in a nutshell? Finding something interesting to yourself and then throwing it out of the nest into the world, hoping it’ll fly?