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Be Quiet And Do The Work

I’ve been reading through this relatively new GQ article/interview with filmmaker Martin Scorsese and came across a few sentences that hit me right between the eyes. “I always liked being nominated at the Academy, even though knowing – especially the […]

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Don Rickles As Teacher

Somewhere along the way, I developed something of a borderline obsession with Don Rickles. Maybe I’m just a sucker for good timing and put-down comics, but to me, the man was (and is) one of the most naturally funny human […]

Tools Bum Me Out |
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Tools Bum Me Out

All right, so maybe that title isn’t completely accurate. To be honest, I’m fascinated by tools. Whether it’s shiny kitchen implements or digital design apps or imposing steel contraptions that look like they could rip an arm off if used […]

don't look down |
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Don’t Look Down

I’m afraid of heights. So what the hell am I doing watching a movie about a person wacky enough to climb a sheer rock face without a rope? Me and heights have never been good friends. I’m not a fan […]