legitimacy? probably not | toddregoulinsky.com

Somewhere in the last week or so, Free Range Idiocy hit 1,000 downloads.

For some of the bigger podcasters, that’d be cause for shouting at their tech department because something has obviously gone horribly awry for things to have sunk to such a low. They’d be wondering if California had finally done The Big Slide into the Pacific and taken the Apple Podcast server along with it. Whatever the case was, Somebody was Going To Pay.

For us, that’s not too shabby considering our humble origins and rather simple but hard-to-categorize mandate: to be the podcast about EVERYTHING… but mostly, just the stuff we like.

The idea for the podcast, for me at least, was a pretty simple one: having a good excuse to talk with a friend. The less altruistic point would be that Tim also happens to be the best audience I’ve ever had and trying to get him to gut laugh is a favorite hobby of mine. At any rate, it’s safe to say there’s no business plan in place for how to monetize our babbling. Considering some of my editing hijinks, it’s more than likely impossible, actually.

Another factor we have going for us (in terms of “idiot cred” at least) is the category our subject matter falls into: everything.

In case you’re wondering, that’s not a common category listing for podcasts. From what I hear, a successful podcast will have a niche and stick to it. Right away, we tossed that bit of common sense into the bin and apparently forgot where we put the bin, because we wander around from week to week depending on what strikes our fancy.

At any rate, it’s been a fun ride and if you happen to have been along with us, thank you. If you haven’t ever given it a listen, check it out below!