working without a net |

In case you’re looking for some follow-up on my new daily planner, here you go: three days, three pages.

The new project I’m throwing my creative weight behind (at least as much weight as 30-40 minutes in the morning carries) is a screenplay. Thinking over what would be best to keep me typing and motivated through the next 100+ days, that seemed like the best choice.

However, it also means that because this was a bit of a snap decision and involved next to no planning, I’m working without a net. No outline.

No outline, no cards, no board, no treatment, no nothing. I haven’t even puked out everything I know about the story and/or characters into a document just to have it. I haven’t actually put pixel to screen about what each character wants. None of it.

Let me state for the record that I’m not recommending anyone else work this way. In fact, it’s probably a really good idea that you don’t. But in my case, waiting until I did that work would’ve meant more days that wouldn’t have been spent writing. Which is the opposite of what I was looking for.

So what’s next?

I do plan to get everything I know down in a file just to empty my head and maybe dredge up some details I wasn’t consciously aware of yet. I’m not planning to write an outline or set up a board with cards. That could change at any given moment, but that’s the plan so far.

“The script is what you’ve dreamed up–this is what it should be. The film is what you end up with.”

George Lucas