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  • The Pile

    The Pile

    Let me introduce you to a very important pile of clothing. Not because the clothes themselves are special (although I am partial to that Lettuce t-shirt), but what they represent. I leave a similar pile of clothes in my bathroom almost every night before going to bed. Work out clothes on the top, and what…

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  • Trying Something New

    Trying Something New

    For the last year or so, I’ve been getting up at 6:00 am, 5 days per week. Saturday I sleep in, and Sunday was always a 5:00 am wake up call for church. I’m thinking it’s time to changes things up. As I’ve gotten older, there’s a few things for me to face. One of…

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  • I Don’t Wanna

    I Don’t Wanna

    That photo above isn’t a still from some new low budget horror flick. That’s the remnants of fifteen push-ups that I didn’t want to do. In the grand scheme of things, my morning exercise routine isn’t much to write home (or the internet) about. I get on my exercise bike and do about 30 minutes…

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  • The Inclination To Decline

    The Inclination To Decline

    This year has given me a good grasp of what “aging in dog years” actually looks like. Last month feels like last year, March seems like it was a decade ago, and last year feels like it was the turn of the century. Back when this whole thing started, folks were having their Zoom Cocktail…

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