Let me be honest with all five people who read this blog… This week has been a hurricane of emotions with random chunks of poo swirling inside. To say it has not been fun would be an understatement along the lines of offhandedly stating that having a tooth removed via your bellybutton sans anesthesia would sting a bit.

The tension inside my neck right now could be used to fuel electric lights for a small town in Kansas. My mind is racing quickly enough that it could finish in the top five in a Formula One race. Oh, and did I mention that I had to go back to using my old eyeglasses because the yahoos who’ve been trying to fit the new ones to my face still hadn’t accomplished this apparently impossible task over the last month so I had to return them for a refund and start the process all over again?

Yeah, it’s been a hoot of a week.

All that being said, I’m breathing. I’ve cleared the decks of enough work that I can probably take a couple hours to the side today and do something fun. My daughter has a play tonight that I’m really looking forward to. There’s music to be made and writing to do.

I really thought that after yesterday, I’d be pulling myself out of the swamp and getting on with things. Well, I am… except that in yanking myself out of the muck, I left my shoe behind in the mud, where it immediately disappeared from sight. It’s not okay, but I guess finishing the week with one shoe hiking out of the swamp isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

So here’s the thing. I’m not entirely just bitching about my current state of mind. It’s definitely part of it, but not all. Mostly, I’m hoping that by sharing a bad day here on an interwebs so preoccupied with showing our good sides that it’ll be a little bit of encouragement to someone else and also a little to myself as well.