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going to eleven |

Going To Eleven

Well, this will make an interesting group psychological case study some day. I’ve had this thought from time to time over the last nine months whenever normal bumps up against necessity. Like remote learning. Something that used to be extraordinarily […]

getting stuff done... slower |

Getting Stuff Done… Slowly

If you’ve wandered around this here blog for a little while, you’ll notice that I’m a fan of lists. Maybe a bit more than I should be. For whatever reason, the old-fashioned to-do list has become my go-to method of […]

work |

Work To Do

How a person reacts to stress is an interesting thing. Some freeze, some go into a flurry. Some become more efficient because is streamlines their thinking and supplies them with an abundance of adrenaline. Some get mired in a swamp […]


I’m Mad

Let me be honest with all five people who read this blog… This week has been a hurricane of emotions with random chunks of poo swirling inside. To say it has not been fun would be an understatement along the […]