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  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    Where do creative people get ideas? The day someone finds a solid, verifiable, backed-by-science, surefire answer for that question, a fortune will be made. Books will be written, a series of instructional videos will hit the market, that person will hit the podcast and public radio circuit to milk the thing for all it’s worth,…

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  • A Great Many Troubles

    A Great Many Troubles

    After a couple days to analyze the crash test data from my meeting with The Wall, I’ve come back to the place I normally find myself in saner times. What place is that? It’s not a place of pizza and rainbows or eternal optimism. It’s more of a waystation where I can catch a couple…

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  • Welcome to The Wall

    Welcome to The Wall

    Confession time, folks. I’m not good at writing long form without an outline. There, I’ve said it. What, that’s not all that shocking or scandalous? Not even mildly surprising? Maybe even blindingly obvious? All right, all right… no need to pile on. I’ve spent the better part of my life writing poetry. Before that, it…

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  • Three Of Ten

    Three Of Ten

    To be honest, the last week or so has been a mess. Which is fine, because it’d be a shame for it not to match with the rest of 2020. One thing I’ve managed to keep on track with is getting my page per day. Tomorrow morning, I’ll start in on page 17 of the…

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