Well gee golly shucks Todd, you sure got quiet all of sudden, did ya?

I mean, you were out there shilling your new book and posting videos and everything else, and then… nada. What gives?

Well, dear reader, lemme tell ya. Time may be on our side, but it doesn’t always play by our rules. In that way, I suppose time is a lot like a cat. I’m pretty sure my cat likes me and is therefore somewhat on my side, but she definitely isn’t going to listen to what I’m telling her to do and will more than likely stomp on my forehead while I sleep if her food doesn’t hit the dish at the appropriate time.

At the moment, I’m out here in Arizona with equal parts helping my Mom to pack up her house and trying to keep that damned Eagles song outta my head that mentions Winslow, Arizona. I’ve been far more successful at packing than avoiding the song, in case you’re wondering.

This was something that’s been in the works for a long time, but like most things depending on someone to buy a house… you gotta wait until somebody buys the house. Which they did, but it just so happened to collide with my book release schedule. Meaning that as soon as Okay Okay Okay had found its way into the world, I was going to be leaving it alone in the nest for a little while. Which is fine. It’s a somewhat well-behaved thing and, much like raising a human child, it’s a long term project anyways. Although I in no way condone leaving a child all on its own. Books tend to stay in one place longer and don’t require burping. Well, not all of them at least.

So take heart, true believers – I’ll be returning home soon and back to a somewhat normal schedule. Which means that you’ll have to put up with a bit more shilling and hullabaloo.

If you’re into that sort of thing.