Todd Regoulinsky

Writer, Musician, Graphic Designer


Here are some things that I’ve written and that you can take home with you for further perusal, musing upon, or just balancing out a lopsided table. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

Okay Okay Okay (2023)

Okay Okay Okay | poetry by Todd Regoulinsky

What’s left behind when the person is gone? Their words.

All of the poems collected in this book were written using people’s last words as prompts or inspiration. This project started as a challenge to write in a different way than I ever had and turned into a celebration of life and poetry in a way that I didn’t completely expect, but loved nonetheless.

Odd Bits Of Broken Things (2008)

Odd Bits Of Broken Things | poetry by Todd Regoulinsky

Part travelogue, part recollection … all poetry written in self defense.

This collection of poems primarily covers a period of time during 2001 through 2004 when the world was changing in big and little ways. It was a time when I grew up and moved out of the comfortable corner of New England that I’d called home my entire life, only to find my way back to live and discover love.

These were the words that kept me going each day.