While I don’t want to turn my little enclave on the information super highway into some life hack blog, it seems that advice is something I’m ready to hand out lately. After all, about a week and a half ago I advised folks not to move. So what pearls of wisdom do I have for you today, dear reader?

Don’t make a triumphant return to blogging the week before you’re planning to move.

That being said, we made it. Our home in OOB is now officially a rental property and with some luck, a family is enjoying their time in Maine and making some indelible memories that they’ll all look back fondly on for years to come. Either that, or they’re fighting like cats and dogs while counting down the hours until they can get home and get the hell away from each other. One way or the other, there’s people living there that aren’t us, so we’ve managed to check that box.

It was a strange feeling this past Saturday when I realized there wasn’t anything to do. Nothing to deep clean, nothing to pack, nothing to move, and nothing to fix. After several months of making headway on this journey, sometimes smoothly and other times in fits and starts, we’d arrived at the destination. Maybe the car had one bald tire and smoke pouring out of the hood, but it was an arrival dammit. And no one could take that away from us.

So now, I’m looking down the barrel of a “normal” week – work, normal family activities, and… yup that’s about it. Thank goodness I have my overthinking to keep me company and a blog to once again return to.

Otherwise, I might actually have to work on some of those creative projects that I’ve been planning…