Four more days in this house.

I’m not necessarily trying to be nostalgic so much as trying to remember what day it is.

Okay, so that’s a bit of shrugging off emotion as a joke, but it’s worked for 45 years, why not a little longer?

Sitting here on our back porch, I’ve come to realize how this is my favorite room in the house. Windows on three sides, wonderful cross breeze, really nice light from sunrise to sunset, and a great place to hang out in the middle of the night. It’s quiet and full of air.

After our first date, Kim and I sat out here drinking tea (it was her house originally). Because there’s no heat, we usually close it up around November and it functions as a walk-in cooler during the winter as well as where we’d brush snow off the dogs when they’d come in from the backyard.

Despite the lack of heat, I actually took a stab at having my desk out here for two years. I can’t imagine how much money we wasted in oil trying to keep the cold at bay. There was a space heater running most of the day underneath my desk to try and keep my feet from turning into blocks of ice. But the view…

I believe that a home is more than the shape of the rooms and decor, but it’d be tough to live someplace for almost 17 years and not form some kind of attachment. One of the things I’ll miss most about this house is mornings like this, sitting on the porch with my coffee.

Anyways, I thought someone might like to know.