Mama's Boomshack | Speed Of Soul | Portland House Of Music |

It’s not often that you celebrate the ninth or sixth anniversary of something, but since 2020 isn’t playing by any rules to speak of, I figure that gives me a a pass as well.

Nine years ago this month, the newly-minted Mama’s Boomshack was called in for a last-minute fill-in to open for Goosepimp Orchestra at The Big Easy in Portland, Maine. That was our first official gig as a band. Six years ago this coming Sunday, we released our album, Speed Of Soul.

As a way to celebrate both of those, you can now buy Speed Of Soul for $7 on Bandcamp. As a bonus, all of the money from sales today will be donated to Portland House Of Music & Events.

Ken Bell at Portland House of Music & Events has done a lot for musicians over the years and has personally been a huge supporter of the bands I’ve been a part of through the years. He was running The Big Easy nine years ago when we got called for that opening spot. In spite of it being our first gig and nobody knowing who we were, he treated us with the utmost respect and kindness. Mama’s Boomshack wound up having our best gigs playing at PHOME – our James Brown and Sly Stone tribute shows especially. When it came time to close up shop for the band, the only choice for venue was PHOME. We started out with Ken and we finished up with Ken.

The last few months have been rough on all music venues. Rent is still due and bills have to be paid. I can’t help all of them out, but if me and my friends can help one out, that’s better than nothing.

So please consider buying Speed Of Soul today – you are able to pay more than seven bucks if you’d like or just enjoy the bargain. If you don’t want to buy the album, that’s fine too! Consider going to the Portland House Of Music store and buying a shirt or hoodie – because that will help out too.

By the way, Friday July 3rd is when Bandcamp is waiving their normal fees for sales, meaning all the money from purchases goes directly to the artist. This is a great way to support musicians by giving them a little extra boost as well, so if you hear something you like, see if it’s on there!