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Through some interesting (and frustrating) mutations of my sleep schedule this week, Wednesday turned into a contest for survival and I didn’t post anything for Word Wednesday. So, rather than wrack my brain for something to write about today, I thought maybe it’d be fun to do a make-up post.

This poem is hot off the notebook from last night with minimal editing.

civet poet

it’s easy to picture a poet as feline:
the ease of solitude
& removed worldview
along with a love for sleep,
quietly padding hallways at night
while prowling   -   one for prey
& the other praying for words,

limber of body    (or of spirit)
& prone to lazy indulgences
along with sunbeams. 

if only cats loved beer as well,
there’d be no living
with either of us. 

For those wondering what a civet is, here you go.

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