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  • Word Wednesday – close call

    Word Wednesday – close call

    I’ve been going back through my current journal, getting digital copies of poems that I’ve written over the last few months and came across this one from early June. It’s an interesting thing coming across a poem with some vague recollection of writing it, but not being able to nail down exactly what you were…

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  • Word Wednesday – candles & caskets

    Word Wednesday – candles & caskets

    This one comes from earlier this year and is as yet unedited. Why? Because life has been rather busy as of late with various bumps, u-turns, and recalculation of paths. So why sweat a poem being sent out into the world a little more unprepared than usual? I’m sure it’ll find its way somehow. candles…

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  • Word Wednesday – strike on box

    Word Wednesday – strike on box

    Ordinary things can some times inspire not-so-ordinary things. I came across this one from earlier this year while archiving poems from my handwritten journal into digital form. At some point in the last year or so, we inherited a whole bunch of old school matches. Obviously, this worked its way into my brain on some…

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  • the script

    the script

    Something that’s interesting about travel is that it inherently takes you out of your normal routines and imposes a degree of the unexpected, or as I prefer to call it, sheer chaos. Which is kinda fine by me in a lot of ways. My writing routine has been all over the place as of late,…

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