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  • The Right Second (or Third) Book

    The Right Second (or Third) Book

    Normally, I have two books going at any given time: the main book I’m reading and a book of poetry. The system works pretty good because if the main book gets a little too heavy or if a change-up is in order, I hop over and read a couple poems. But what happens when both…

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  • The Friday Five | April 17, 2020

    Here’s a collection of some of the things from this week that I’ve enjoyed, been inspired by, want to share, or are grateful for. Barenaked Ladies SelfieCamJam. Given how things are in the world these days, videos like this are all the rage with bands or artists finding ways to collaborate even though they can’t…

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  • Rando With Mando!

    Perhaps this counts as cheating, but since I make the rules around here… I’ll allow it. Check out the newest episode of Free Range Idiocy where Tim and I recap our favorite moments, characters, and episodes from season one of The Madalorian.

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  • Keep Your Pace

    It’s taken me a couple decades to learn this lesson, but pace is important. I can bike a lot further if I find a good pace. Go too fast too soon and I’ll burn out really quickly. Go too slow and my progress will be piddly enough that I’ll quit out of boredom. Find a…

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