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  • The Friday Five | September 18, 2020

    The Friday Five | September 18, 2020

    The Friday Five is a semi-regular feature here on the blog where I post about some things from the past week that I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to, watching, or am just thankful for. Cory Wong – “Sidestep” (live) I’m probably wicked late to this party, but better late than never. Damn is this funky! Cory…

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  • Don’t Call It A Comeback

    Don’t Call It A Comeback

    As I mentioned before, the screenplay I’d been working on last year had stalled. Nothing really to do with any issues I was having with the story, it was mostly a combo platter of not being sure if I could convincingly write dialogue for people in their early 20’s (the story takes place at a…

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  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    Like most people, I’m caught between the pull of wanting new experiences and the comfort of the familiar. Do I wan to try that new restaurant or stick with my traditional go-to spot? Should I take a chance on that new TV show or go back and binge Parks & Recreation again? The idea of…

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  • Out of Order

    Out of Order

    I’ve been tearing through Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods over the last week or so and came across an old friend. (spoilers to follow) About a quarter of the way through and along came a spider. Or, more specifically, a demigod who takes the form of a spider, Anansi. The scene had the feel of…

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