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  • We Don’t Talk About Adjustment Day… Except When We Do

    We Don’t Talk About Adjustment Day… Except When We Do

    There are some authors that you love for a lifetime. They are the thread that runs through your reading life that either be a seam holding things together or a path to trace. They are a touchstone you come back to before pushing off to new and interesting places. There are also flings – literary…

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  • Word Wednesday: Reflections

    For those who might be tuning in via my Facebook post and my post about Facebook from yesterday, welcome to Word Wednesday! Each week, I post poems that I’ve been working on in place of a more traditional blog post. If you click on the category, you’ll see lots of blackout poems – where a…

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  • Adjustment, page 13

    Adjustment, page 13

    Here’s another one from my blackout poem experiment using a book as source material rather than a newspaper or magazine. One of the toughest things for me to overcome has been re-reading the pages for the story as I’m working on them. I’ve found that the poems make themselves clear more easily if I’m looking…

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  • The Routine, Interrupted

    The Routine, Interrupted

    One of my goals this year is to have a creative routine that will start my days off, using the “make before you manage” ethos I gleamed from Tim Ferriss and mashing it up with what I remembered from Austin Kleon’s morning routine. The idea is to have a set time each day before starting…

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