word wednesday | toddregoulinsky.com

After a few weeks of new poems, I decided to reach back a couple years and dust one off.

i stand connected
too far from a future to see the right answers
and too close to a past that contains
nothing but the wrong ones -
and from where i’m standing, 
i can’t see my feet anymore
as my presence grows and grows
it covers up the fact that i never know
anything more than what i began with,

 which is a shame

because i desperately want to know
what it is that i don’t
and tie this world up in a messy bow
so i can present my present as 
a kind of present to you
and maybe we could spend the night
opening it all over a bottle of wine -
just yours and mine and it’ll be fine
like hair that’s too thin and a balding
sense of compassion that’s a golden
seam that i will mine 
until i’m out of cute little answers
and you’ve bought my last line
you’ll say it’s all been a bunch of bullshit
all of this time
and i’ll smile and say

i stand corrected 
and connected
and a million other things that
i wish would mean something
to the likes of you - and by you
i mean a beautiful shade of blue
that your lips turn whenever the winter comes
and we dream to go
somewhere a helluva lot warmer
than all the familiar places and so

i confess that it’s all a lie
and that my present isn’t much of a present at all
but then again, you already know
and i stand corrected, effected, and erected
while you study the wall
and here at the end of all of your moments,
i stand connected to them all.