the art of overthinking |

Given half a chance, I’ll overthink anything. Take a half hour to pick out a movie? Sure. Spend weeks mulling whether or not I should get a new pair of boots? Yup. Go back and forth about whether or not I should spend money on a new sweater and what type of sweater to get? Oh yeah.

Now that I think about it, I’m really the Socrates of overthinking. Unless I’m Plato. Maybe give me a couple days and get back to me on that one…

Overthinking in action – Tin Cup

I’ve been kicking around this poetry book project for a long time now. The writing process itself was longer than I ever anticipated and then I took my time editing. Then, I was planning out this whole calendar of promotions that’d lead up to when I’d finally release the book. All of which, if I’m being honest, was my way of overthinking and procrastinating this project into Chinese Democracy territory.

Fact is, very few books of poetry set the world on fire. It’s not a bestselling genre and it’s not like I’m the Rupi Kaur of poetry either. If I were writing as much as I was overthinking, I’d have about six books to release instead of one.

So, I’ve decided to release the new book in February no matter what. No more winging on about formatting or if I need to plan a bunch of promo beforehand. If a hundred people wind up with this thing on their shelf or e-book reader and actually read it, then I’m counting that as a win.

All right, so there it is – notice has been given and I’m now on the clock.

Now, let me look at that cover design one more time…