word wednesday | poetry poem writing | todd regoulinsky

This poem comes from some random day or night back in 2018, but the sentiment remains the same now.

Please don’t count me among the people who think going back in time will solve all our problems. Yes, social media is its own kind of sickness for the human spirit, but it’s not the first thing to infect us and it won’t be the last. Our gadgets are killing us, but then again, we’ve been trying to invent things to alternately kill and save ourselves since the dawn of time.

Anyways, this is more a look outward (and inward as well) at a moment a couple years ago that still rings true today.


horizons unseen & you
can’t look up
from your f***ing phone
long enough for it to sink in.

we really are desperately
foolish creatures,
are we not?

some small wonder
in our hands & we’re right back
there in our caves, staring
blankly at the magic of fire.

except instead of a terrific
discovery, we’re only
looking back
at ourselves.