The Unexpected Podcast Mogual |

Life is a weird place.

As scattered as my work experience has been, there are times when I’m shocked that one thing will somehow connect to another. That some kind of skill or trick I learned years ago will fit into what I’m doing now.

When I started working in an audiobook recording studio, I would’ve never guessed I’d be recording an editing podcasts each week. Now, I use those same editing skills all the time. More than that, I use the same manner with podcast guests as I did when working with readers and actors back in the day. Which is an outgrowth of having worked as a waiter, because it forced me to be more outgoing with people who I’ve just met.

Which then ties back to my college degree, a BA in Communication, which I never thought I’d actually use in a direct way on a daily basis, but have found to be extremely useful. And then, we go a step further back to college radio, which brings me to where I am now – talking on a microphone, just with people that talk back now.

So, perhaps “mogul” is a bit of a strong label considering I’m only part of two podcasts (one for work and one for fun)… but that’s two more than I would’ve bet I’d be doing these days.