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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had my act together enough to compose a Word Wednesday post, so I dipped back into 2019 for this one and did a quick edit. Overall, I’m happy with this one at the moment.

still life of a love poem, 2019

you know what i’d give for one honest, true line right now?
to write the thoughts that wallpaper the interior of my mind,
to send signs and wonders across instead of whines and blunders,
to find solace instead of malice for the populace?

it’d be a pretty penny, one of many that i’d share for a time
if only … brother could you spare a dime?
that’s all it’d cost for a lost sentence to two, mend
a fence and maybe reach beyond me and even you

do you know what i’d give for one honest, true word right now?
one that wasn’t contrived, that doesn’t strive above its station
or require mitigation and compounding point of proof -
hell, i’d give my eye tooth for one word that reflected truth

mirror mirror on the wall, will you accept this collect call?
it’s overseas and calling direct, and lemme tell you, it’s been
a bitch to connect - but they’re insistent and bold,
there might even be some bit of good news there on hold

do you know what i’d give for one honest, true lie right now?
one that could look me in the eye, twist the truth in knots
& then run out in the night before it was caught; never say die,
hell, never even try but always find some way to reply

which is more than i can say for the voice that sits here,
a choice somewhat sincere, sounds a bit severe but never
quite veers into that noise that boils over into tears -
only sits in silence sometimes… out of fear

do you know? what i’d give? right now? 
for one, honest, true…