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Part of the reason I share a poem each week is that it forces me to kick something out of the nest and see how well it flies.

For a lot of years, I’ve written almost exclusively for myself – not submitting or publishing. Not that I think there’s anything particularly wrong with that, but I’m at a point now where I’d like to put some words out there with my name on it. Also part of that is not being too precious with some of this work and not spending a ton of time revising or worrying if it’s all that good.

So here’s hoping this one learns to flap its wings before the ground arrives.

bon voyage

holes poked in the stage curtain sky,
shine down on me as comets
chase their tails -

money, in its various incarnations
being shifted around the globe
in elected electrons -

down here, it’s steady as she goes
while first class places another bet
on catastrophe and low prices -

only the poor bastards up there
in the crows nest know for sure
what’s coming -

& we stopped listening
to them 
a long time ago.