There are four certainties in life. Death and taxes seem to get all the ink, but I firmly believe there’s two others. One is that the quickest way to get a bunch of tables when you’re a waiter is to order food for yourself. The other is that the quickest way to wind up writing about something is to say you haven’t been writing. The universe likes to point out how foolish we humans are.

So yeah, after my little diatribe yesterday about my lack of writing and late 90’s music, I got myself in gear with some prompts and cranked out the poem you’ll read today. And you know what? I like it. There’s a bit of editing and sanding of edges to be done, but this one felt good writing it yesterday, felt good typing it up this morning, and feels good sharing it.


today, i built a ladder into the sky.

it’s harder than you think.

try finding a good place to lean it,
the proper way to elevate
without losing balance & crashing down,
or a clear spot without too many bystanders
(you know the type:
it’s a waste of time,
it’s pointless, impossible,
or some kind of conspiracy)
to interfere.

on the other hand,
it’s also easier than you think.

see, i just nailed a bunch of other
ladders together, end-to-end
(they were laying around &
no one seemed to be using them) -

and i climbed & climbed,
never looking down (because
i’m afraid of heights you see),
until i was above the clouds



what do you know?

there was the sun & sky & stars

& another ladder!
way over there!
with a tiny speck hanging onto the top,

we waved to each other
& enjoyed the view.