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  • Word Wednesday – December 14, 2022

    Word Wednesday – December 14, 2022

    It’s been a moment or two, hasn’t it? A couple things for folks who may be getting pinged through their subscriptions and whatnot. First off… hello! Good to see y’all. I’m still alive and kicking, just maybe not as high as before. Age will do that, but the fight continues. Second, my 2008 book Odd…

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  • A Love-Hate Affair With Time

    There’s more time than life. Old Spanish saying, quoted by Dr. Ken Atchity Time is a funny thing, and I mean that quite literally. As Alan Alda once famously said, tragedy plus time equals comedy. Even if it isn’t the punchline, I’ve heard jokes where the setup is almost as hilarious as the payoff. Which,…

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  • My New Social Media Policy

    My New Social Media Policy

    Well shucks, that sounds awfully corporate and official for some guy working out of his house, but it’s actually the best title I could come up with. The beginning of this year has been interesting and I’ve begun to think of my life as more of being CEO of Todd, Inc. rather than just doing…

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  • Dipping My Toe In, Socially

    Dipping My Toe In, Socially

    Monday was the first time being back on personal social media for three weeks. I had some guidelines in mind for how to relate to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter going forward, but I was also curious how things would go over the first few days without putting the plan in place. Since my little vacation…

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