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  • Getting Lucky In Ireland

    About 17 years ago, a friend of mine called me somewhat out of the blue to say she was taking a trip to Ireland and asked if I’d like to go along. I’d been on a couple of trips there with groups of about 50 in what amounted to a cross between a tourist adventure…

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  • Self Care Is Hard

    I love travel because it drags me out of my normal schedule and patterns, tossing me into unknown situations and ways of thinking. Even something as simple and mundane sounding as meeting someone at a coffeeshop can be enough to shake up my normal routine. I guess one of the benefits of working from home…

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  • Not Really Spreading The News

    Not Really Spreading The News

    This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a couple days walking the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan with a good friend from college. Along the way, I ate a ton of good food, did some tourist-y stuff, did some nerd tourist-y stuff, went to church at Hillsong NYC, and saw my favorite band…

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