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  • Overwhelm, Wants, & Needs

    Overwhelm, Wants, & Needs

    “The Less I needed, the better I felt.” Charles Bukowski Whenever I get lost in my writing or the practice of writing, I have a couple of touchstones that I go back to. One of them is Love Is A Dog From Hell – the first book of Bukowski’s poetry that I read. So it…

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  • Word Wednesday – music of any kind

    Word Wednesday – music of any kind

    I’d fully planned to record a new video for my YouTube channel and then found myself delaying and procrastinating and … whatever the worse thing is that comes after procrastinating. Quite simply, I didn’t want to do it. So I’m not. Here’s a poem that was written many, many, many years ago and which I…

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  • Word Wednesday For Hank

    Word Wednesday For Hank

    Somehow, I managed to get through college without reading anything (that I remember at least) by Charles Bukowski. It wasn’t until a few years after graduation that my cousin read some of my poems and suggested I pick up one of Hank’s books. One of the remarkable things about Bukowski is the clarity of his…

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  • Word Wednesday Out Of Time

    Sometimes, it’s fun to mess around on the page (or screen). a man out of time had Bukowski lived in the Age of Facebook, you know damn well he’d have been trolling at 2am instead of writing poems drunk as hell, giggling as he typed another flamethrower reply then sit back & watch the show…

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