You know the trouble with the internet these days?

Get a little frazzled, go to scream into the void… and there’s some “influencer” already camped out there hawking some sponsored product.

Damn you void. You sell out too?

Okay, so maybe that’s a little snarky. Sue me. But I kinda miss the old internet that I grew up on. Not necessarily the Prodigy/Geocities/Angelfire/AOL era with dancing gifs galore, but that strange period between then and whatever the hell is happening now when it seemed like just about anyone could build a website and find some kinda of audience. Hey, you like to dress up like Fonzie and ride ostriches for fun? Me too! Let’s start a forum where people can post stuff and then get flamed into oblivion! Damn I’m old.

Maybe that’s why I still keep showing up on this blog and thinking that someone will actually listen. There’s gotta be enough middle-aged curmudgeons out there like me who search for this kinda stuff on weekends, right?