dont play the butter notes |

Miles Davis was a fascinating person. A titan among musicians, insightful, mysterious, cool – he had the whole package working.

This morning, my mind got wound up early after watching this story from Herbie Hancock.

When it comes to music, I’ve always leaned towards playing too many notes. I’m sure why, but that’s my natural tendency. I’ve had to work for years – and continue to work every time I play – to overcome that tendency. Same goes for writing, where I like to run through words like they’re half off and going to spoil by tomorrow.

However, in addition to excess, there’s also the matter of what’s expected. Doing something different or breaking a habit requires a lot of thought. After all, Herbie had to think of a new way to play in order to cut out the fat.

So maybe fewer words today – verbally, digitally, and ink one paper – but more meaning. Maybe think a little more.

Probably good advice any day.