As we get to the end of week 2 of stay at home living, I wanted to reflect a little bit on what I’ve been grateful for this week. I’ve read a lot of people saying something along the lines of “things are going to be different after this is over”. I hope that’s true in the best sense of things, but I think there’s a danger that, just like after finishing up a diet, everything slides back to the way it was before in a rush of celebration.

In the meantime, I think one way to keep perspective is to concentrate on what we’re grateful for in this moment.

  1. I’m grateful to have had the chance to work for Bill Dufris, who passed away earlier this week. To thousands, he was the OG voice of Bob the Builder, but to me he was a generous person who gave me a chance to do something (audiobook recording engineer) that I never thought I’d do and which has made a big impact on my life.
  2. I’m very thankful to work with the worship team at The Rock Church. Finding people who challenge you, help make you better, make you smile, and make you laugh is so important – especially now.
  3. Speaking of laughter, I’m grateful to have a friend like Tim who is willing to subject himself to hours and hours of my rambling so we can produce the Free Range Idiocy podcast. Not only is he the best audience I’ve ever had for my jokes, but he’s also a tremendous friend and co-host.
  4. I’m grateful for my family. By the way, this list isn’t in any specific order, so please don’t start dropping the “Oh you’re family is only in fourth place!” comments. You know better.
  5. I’m thankful for a job that can be done remotely. The fact is, I’m blessed that my daily routine hasn’t changed a whole lot through this ordeal since I work via email with all our clients. However, I know that isn’t the case for a lot of people. Wash your hands, stay home, and let’s get this thing over with safely and for good.