Well, this is an interesting time to be alive, isn’t it?

In some ways, it makes perfect sense. We human beings are a rather foolish species – it’s part of what makes us endearing. As we hurtle into the abyss, it makes perfect sense that we’re trying to convince people to wash their hands thoroughly and not use all the toilet paper. Things that we should’ve learned before first grade are now front and center of each Apocalypse Tonight newscast. It’s both the most predictable and ludicrous way for us to go out.

Could it have gone any other way? I doubt it.

One thing that’s interesting to me is that if things head in the direction I think they will – a lockdown of some sort – it’s not going to change much of my daily life too much. Which is both comforting and a bit concerning. I mean, it’s nice that all these years of being an introvert are finally going to pay off in a meaningful way, but sheesh… I should really try to get out a bit more, shouldn’t I?

The kid is home from school for at least the next couple weeks, church services are cancelled, and just about everything else I’d normally do (sneaking out during the afternoon to catch a movie for example) is off limits for a bit or cancelled. Aside from staying healthy, my main concerns revolve around my “to read” pile is a little low and how I’m going to watch the new season of Westworld with a kid in the house. All things considered, life is pretty good here.

So if you’re reading this, I hope you’re well, washing your damn hands, and getting cozy for the long haul. Stay safe, don’t hoard, and be sure to help the folks around you as much as possible.