As I’ve mentioned rather recently, I’ve been trying to stay the hell off Facebook as much as possible and enjoy life outside of a screen. While I’ve done rather well and curtailed my usage to what could be deemed only “moderately unhealthy” instead of my previously held “festering brain rot” level, there are times when I’ve done the odd scroll down the timeline. There’s been the usual assortment of crap ads, posts by people that make me wonder if dolphins wouldn’t be a better dominant species choice, and cat photos – but there’s also been the occasional bright spot.

I don’t know much about Tim Minchin except that he’s funny and delivered a pretty nifty graduation speech that has echoes which I found interesting. The video is embedded below, but there’s also a transcript for those who’d rather read than watch.

For no other reason, the video is worth a watch if only to see Minchin looking over for the reaction of the older gentlemen over his right shoulder.

I can’t say I agree with everything he says regarding meaning or life in general, I think there’s something to be said to the overall tone of his message. That maybe by taking life so seriously, many of us humans miss the fun, creativity, and absurdity that makes life actually worth living.