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  • We Don’t Talk About Adjustment Day… Except When We Do

    We Don’t Talk About Adjustment Day… Except When We Do

    There are some authors that you love for a lifetime. They are the thread that runs through your reading life that either be a seam holding things together or a path to trace. They are a touchstone you come back to before pushing off to new and interesting places. There are also flings – literary…

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  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    Where do creative people get ideas? The day someone finds a solid, verifiable, backed-by-science, surefire answer for that question, a fortune will be made. Books will be written, a series of instructional videos will hit the market, that person will hit the podcast and public radio circuit to milk the thing for all it’s worth,…

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  • Don’t Call It A Comeback

    Don’t Call It A Comeback

    As I mentioned before, the screenplay I’d been working on last year had stalled. Nothing really to do with any issues I was having with the story, it was mostly a combo platter of not being sure if I could convincingly write dialogue for people in their early 20’s (the story takes place at a…

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  • Everyday Creativity

    Everyday Creativity

    To say I don’t enjoy Halloween would be overstating it. I enjoy the candy, the festive atmosphere, and from time to time, I’ve even enjoyed dressing up in a costume. But overall, I have to admit that the holiday is, for me, and overall meh on the excitement scale. The trouble is the costume. I’ve…

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