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teenager nation |

Teenager Nation

I started writing a post about accountability this morning and completely lost steam after my initial zeal and cup of coffee ran out. Although there seemed to be a decently strong thread running through it, I deleted it and decided […]

the active voice |

The Active Voice

I didn’t post anything on Monday, and I’m kind of glad that I didn’t. Because it more than likely would’ve been a video of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech or perhaps one of a hundred […]

it's a new day, it's a new day |

It’s A New Dawn… It’s A New Day

I’ve never paid that much attention to Inauguration Day before. Usually, there’s work to be done, deadlines to be met, and various responsibilities that keep me from spending much time thinking about it. In the past, I spend the day […]

the sound of silence |

The Sound Of Silence

I hadn’t planned to take a two week break from blogging to start 2021, but here we are. It’d be nice to say it was some sort of social media cleanse – because that sounds like a rather trendy, yet […]