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Be Quiet And Do The Work

I’ve been reading through this relatively new GQ article/interview with filmmaker Martin Scorsese and came across a few sentences that hit me right between the eyes. “I always liked being nominated at the Academy, even though knowing – especially the […]


Comics And Common Ground

In last week’s edition of Free Range Idiocy, Tim and I talked a bit about Kevin Smith’s retort to Martin Scorcese’s opinion comic book movies are “not cinema”. What I find most interesting is how Smith’s approach is something we […]


Mortally Wounded

Well, it was bound to happen eventually I guess. Between weather and not much else to do, I finally succumbed to streaming half my weekend away. However, considering I made it through two weeks of socially distancing before parking my […]


Is There Something On My Face?

After my post about All You Need Is Kill the other day, it only seemed appropriate last night to give Edge Of Tomorrow another watch for a little compare and contrast action to see if my preference for the movie […]