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  • This One’s For Me

    This One’s For Me

    Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly – New Statesman, February 1933 At some point, I stopped submitting poems for publication in magazines and journals. For about a year, I’d spent hours tracking submissions, printing my own custom envelopes trying to…

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  • Aw Luke… won’t see him no more

    Aw Luke… won’t see him no more

    It’s been a hot minute or three since keys have been punched in anger around here, and it only seems fitting that after 26 months away from my last entry that I’m back to talking about Star Wars again. I don’t know why these things happen, it just seems right to roll with it when…

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  • Star Wars & Cyclical Storytelling

    Star Wars & Cyclical Storytelling

    Watching people turn on The Force Awakens has been pretty interesting over the last few weeks. It was all breathless anticipation for a bit, giddiness when it was released, and then the backlash immediately started to make itself known within a few days. In the interest of full disclosure, I loved it and will probably…

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