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  • Don’t Say It

    Don’t Say It

    In a year that feels four times longer than usual, why did anyone expect that last week would move at anything but a glacial pace? I think a week in Vegas working the buffets and slot machines, smoking unfiltered camels and swilling down rotgut booze for five days straight would’ve been better for my health.…

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  • Social Media Policy V2

    Social Media Policy V2

    It’s been over six months since starting my new social media policy and it seems like a decent time to examine how things have been going. In true 2020 form, I decided to make a major shift in some of my habits and was immediately smacked in the head by the flying turd that is…

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  • Word Wednesday: Reflections

    For those who might be tuning in via my Facebook post and my post about Facebook from yesterday, welcome to Word Wednesday! Each week, I post poems that I’ve been working on in place of a more traditional blog post. If you click on the category, you’ll see lots of blackout poems – where a…

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  • My New Social Media Policy

    My New Social Media Policy

    Well shucks, that sounds awfully corporate and official for some guy working out of his house, but it’s actually the best title I could come up with. The beginning of this year has been interesting and I’ve begun to think of my life as more of being CEO of Todd, Inc. rather than just doing…

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