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2020 election

lets not move on |

Let’s Not Move On

From all appearances, there is a winner and a loser to the 2020 Presidential vote, which is handy because that’s the sort of thing elections are for. States are going to continue counting and recounting as necessary and determined by […]

don't say it |

Don’t Say It

In a year that feels four times longer than usual, why did anyone expect that last week would move at anything but a glacial pace? I think a week in Vegas working the buffets and slot machines, smoking unfiltered camels […]

georgia |


All else being equal, I’d rather not write anything this morning. I still believe there’s opportunity. I still believe there’s hope. I still believe that people can be good. … But damn if some folks aren’t making it really, really […]

enumeration |


For the record, I’d like to get two things out of the way. First, all votes should be counted. I don’t think much elaboration is necessary on this because that’s how an election is supposed to work. People cast their […]