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  • Foo Times Two

    Foo Times Two

    Here’s the latest episode of Free Range Idiocy where Tim and I discuss two albums from the Foo Fighters – 2002’s One By One and 2011’s Wasting Light. There’s also a bunch of other wonderful geek related content as well as our normal shenanigans. Enjoy!

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  • Just An Event

    Just An Event

    I’m a sucker for a good story, which is probably why I keep stumbling across this video and also relating the story myself. However, this time around, something else stuck out to me. Hearing Herbie Hancock tell that story never gets old, but what baked my cookie this time around was what he said after…

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  • Listening With Larnell

    Listening With Larnell

    In a world where a person can fire up their internet machine and within a few moments be watching people play video games, eat, buy homes, do needlepoint, and any number of other things, it’s not a stretch to watch people listen to things for the first time. In fact, there’s some videos and channels…

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  • Just Listen

    Just Listen

    “This is going to sound very strange, but I’m a strange person, so… it’s par for the course.” I could listen to Henry Rollins talk about music, his love for vinyl, old road stories, and just about anything else that comes into his mind all day long. There’s very little ear fatigue when it comes…

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