Todd Regoulinsky

Writer, Musician, Graphic Designer


My name is Todd Regoulinsky and this is my bit of space on the internet.


In 2023, I released by second book of poetry called okay okay okay.

The project began as a challenge to find inspiration for poems from something other than my own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Somewhere along the line, I decided that using people’s last words as prompts for poems would be a good idea and spent the next couple years working through the project. Now that it’s finished, you can see the results here.

I have been writing poetry since high school and was, for a time, an English major while attending college. During that time, I had a couple of poems published in a school journal and another magazine which I can’t quite recall the name of. In 2008, I published my first collection of poems called Odd Bits Of Broken Things – a line I shamelessly ripped from Charles Bukowski. If you’re interested, it is also for purchase along with my newer book.

Life & All That Jazz

Through the course of my life, I have… filled vending machines for my father’s family business, cleaned dorm rooms & windows during the summers, fed frozen hamburger patties into a flame machine, retrieved various items from warehouse shelves, stuffed envelopes & operated a commercial-grade inkjet printer for a bulk mail house, been laid off from a travel club, gone back to the mail house, moved to Virginia, slung burritos & fajitas at a Mexican restaurant, gone back to the travel club, poured beer at a local pub, served up bloody marys & omlets at the oddest breakfast/bar you’ve ever seen, been a freelance designer throughout most of this, been one of the world’s worst car salesmen, delivered cardboard around Southern Maine (and bits of New Hampshire), been a damn fine audiobook engineer, and a small business owner.

Along with that, I’ve been a husband, father, son, friend, surrogate big & little brother, writer, musician, worship leader, and clown here for your amusement.

I currently reside in Maine.

Music & Other Noise

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to make music with some of the finest players and people I’ve known. A highlight was recording an album with Mama’s Boomshack which was produced by Jonathan Wyman, mastered by 5-time Grammy Award winner Adam Ayan, and is still available for your downloading pleasure on most streaming platforms.

I am currently the lead singer and bass guitarist for Tumbledown Saints, a power trio playing rock, blues, funk, and original music throughout Southern Maine. 

And if that isn’t enough noise for ya, I record a weekly (somewhat) podcast called Free Range Idiocy with my good friend Tim (aka The Man They Call Tim), which is a free-roaming show that delves into whatever topics we happen to find interesting at the time.

Not so bad for a kid from New Hampshire.