word wednesday | toddregoulinsky.com

Well sheesh, that sounds a little dramatic, doesn’t it?

Okay, so this isn’t some sort of resignation from the ranks of the written word, it’s more of a forwarding address. Everyone feel better? Me too.

I’ve decided to start posting daily poetry on a new Instagram account called Todd Writes Poetry (which I highly encourage you to follow if for nothing else than a quick bit of fun and/or angst each day). You might also notice that there’s a website for that new bit of bytes as well that functions as a place to direct people for book buying links. Re-branding or boredom on a weekend afternoon? You decide!

While I loath the label of “branding” when it comes to individual people, I’m not against the idea of it. Doesn’t make a lot of sense? Good. We’re all on the same page then!

Anyways, the main reason why you won’t see me posting poetry here anymore is that it’s somewhere else. And shorter poetry too! Which is interesting to me because I never went in for the William Carlos Williams thing of writing poems on prescription pads or anything, but it seems over the last few months fewer-lined-poems have become more of a thing in my journal – so why not share ’em with the world? Saves everyone a bit of time I suppose.

So… yeah. Go ahead and subscribe if you’re so inclined.