Tools Bum Me Out |

All right, so maybe that title isn’t completely accurate.

To be honest, I’m fascinated by tools. Whether it’s shiny kitchen implements or digital design apps or imposing steel contraptions that look like they could rip an arm off if used improperly, I love to see what they’re all about. Even when they’re way beyond my skill level or area of expertise, I still find them intriguing and awe inspiring.

That is, until they don’t work.

There are few things as frustrating to me than being ready to start a project and finding that a piece of gear or an app isn’t working the way that it should be. It’s second only to not being able to find things at all on my list of things that’ll shoot me right over the edge.

As with most things in life, I blame this on Adobe.

The searing pain inside my head this morning comes from several attempts to edit a new video dealing with my book (available now online! … hey, if you’re allergic to self promotion you might want to try reading websites that aren’t named after the person writing) and running into a steel reinforced concrete wall because Adobe Premiere has suddenly decided that it doesn’t want to import video. Which is rather awesome in its failure seeing as how that’s the main function Premiere is supposed to perform.

Which is why I’m blogging instead of editing right now.

Updates are running, I’m doing my best to calm down, and my brain is trying to question why I’ve chosen to do so many things in my life that involve being shackled to a single company that I pay fifty dollars per month into perpetuity for the privilege of using tools that work most of the time, but also break without warning and also seem to not perform exactly as advertised.

Maybe I should take up whittling.