It’s been a moment or two, hasn’t it? A couple things for folks who may be getting pinged through their subscriptions and whatnot.

First off… hello! Good to see y’all. I’m still alive and kicking, just maybe not as high as before. Age will do that, but the fight continues.

Second, my 2008 book Odd Bits Of Broken Things has been moved to a new printer (one who actually pays royalties rather than pocketing them and swearing that no one’s bought any books – nevermind me knowing otherwise) and is now available for purchase on Bookshop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. If you’re wondering which I prefer, it’d be Bookshop – partly because it pays a bit more, but more importantly, because it supports local bookstores by pulling from their stock.

Third, I’ve done a couple of poetry livestreams over on my YouTube channel this last month or so and plan to do some in the future, maybe the beginning of each month. In between, I’m going to be recording and publishing some individual videos as well. If you’re the subscribing sort, it’d be wonderful to find myself among the luminaries I’m sure that you follow there.

Ok, that should catch things up for the time being. Stay outta trouble, or at least try not to get caught.